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Autumn itself offers plenty of shopping, but for those looking for homemade treasures, handicrafts, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the local shops, restaurants, art galleries and craft shops. We are # We've put together 10 of the best shopping spots in town that offer a local experience and a wide variety of options. Peter Burakowski also recommends the East Aurora Roycroft campus, just blocks from the University of Buffalo, as a great destination for local artisans and artists.

Owned by two sisters with a background in fashion, you will find a wide selection of clothing, accessories and accessories for men, women and children. You can get good bargains from designer brands, but also bargains in indie shops that sell unique items. Not far from the square is a museum about immigrants who settled in Buffalo and a collection of artworks by local artists.

Many shops and malls in Buffalo offer coupons and visitor passes that can help you increase your cross-border savings even further. Fashion Outlet offers a savings pass, which allows you to save 10% or more at participating stores. For $10, you get a $5 gift card on your first purchase at any store in the United States and Canada.

If you want to get the best value for money when shopping in Buffalo, head to Tops Elmwood Plaza to buy some gaudy - for - your - buck items That you # ve forgotten off the bar, and get some good values for money.

The store will remain closed indefinitely until 2020, according to Buy Buffalo, and other popular stores include Ann Taylor, Macy's, JCPenney, Nordstrom, H & M, Target and many more. Popular Outlets points out that Saks Fifth Avenue, Sears, Best Buy and Macy's have all opened in the mall.

Many of the items are relevant to the Buffalo area, while others were hand-picked, according to Buy Buffalo of New York City.

Duty Free Americas has a store in Buffalo, and it seems to be its best asset because it is right next to the sprawling Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino, one of four bridges linking Canada to the United States. Other shopping centers in the Buffalo area include the Buffalo Niagara Shopping Center, Niagara Falls Mall and Niagara Consumers Square, the largest shopping center in New York City and the second largest in the country. It is located at the intersection of East Main Street and Falls Road in Niagara - on the Hudson, north of the Niagara River and east of Buffalo.

For discounted shopping packages, the Fashion Outlets Center has a green savings card that saves customers more than $800 in selected stores. The Queenston-Lewiston border crossing is one of the most frequently used because it is located near the Buffalo Niagara Shopping Center and Niagara Consumers Square.

Head to the American store, see why CLIPS is the number one hair salon in the country and visit the store on May 12 for exceptional deals. Located at 900 Maple Street, it is one of the most famous retail centers in Buffalo, New York. This huge shopping mall, consistently described as "one of the best things to do in our city," has more than 200 shops and restaurants to cater for all your needs.

As well as the food court, restaurants such as Aunt Anne's Pretzels offer a wide range of treats. One of Buffalo's newest jewels is the Buffalo Mall, home to some of the city's most popular restaurants. The list of stores includes a wide selection of clothing and accessories as well as clothing, jewelry, shoes and more.

The open-air design allows buyers to enjoy the fresh breeze of the nearby Niagara River. If you're planning to start your day at the fashion outlets and then make your way to the Boulevard Mall or Walden Galleria, you'll want to head to the Rainbow Bridge in Downtown Niagara Falls, as it will be faster than Queenston in many cases. You just have to cross the bridge and it will be like a retail heaven, but you should avoid the Queenston and Rainbow Bridge, which are often full at the end of the day. At the end, head to either the Waldon or Galleria and visit one of Buffalo's most popular shopping streets, the Buffalo Mall.

Travel south on Route 62, turn left at the first light and follow the direction you were driving to Buffalo Fashion Outlets. Take Interstate 190 to Interstate 290 East and take Exit 22 to I-190 and go south to Route62.

It is a good idea to decide early on which places to visit in Buffalo so that you can plan your day (s) accordingly. If Buffalo is a perfect day trip from Toronto, you might want to consider staying overnight if you get a large tax-free allowance. The shops are usually open between 9: 30 and 10: 00, so no matter what time of day you arrive in Buffalo, plan to arrive early enough to stay overnight.

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