Buffalo, New York


The city of Buffalo is situated on the shores of Lake Erie in New York. It has a few sister cities according to the Sister Cities International. The city is known to as an industrial capital because of its historic display of all the art and deco since the early 20th century.

Places to visit-

  • Canalside- It is built at the waterfront where the visitors can take some rest and use the recreation room.
  • The Buffalo Zoo- Since 1875, it is a home to a large number of exotic and endangered species.
  • Delware Park- It is a calm and beautiful city retreat and has many lakes and gardens for those interested in photography.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin School- It is a Prairie School and also a style estate for visitors to tour.
  • Albright-Knox Art Gallery- The gallery displays works of well known and some of the finest artists of the time.
  • City Hall of Buffalo- It is an important landmark of the city with an outstanding display of art deco along with an observation deck.
  • Buffalo Naval Park- This Park displays a few war time ships, tanks and aircrafts.
  • Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Garden- Here one can see an exotic variety of flora in a well protected form and being nurtured in greenhouses and domes.
  • Buffalo Psychiatric center
  • Niagara Falls Boulevard

    Places to stay-

    • Hotel Buffalo-Niagara- It is a budget hotel offering free Wi-Fi for the guests.
    • Hyatt Regency Buffalo- A high-end hotel for a family stay with facilities like dining and spa.
    • Adam’s Mark- It is a modern hotel and offers a swimming pool for all the visitors.